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Help us mark the beginning of autumn with Ring of Fire

Inspired by the American Indian tradition, Indian Lake has been celebrating Ring of Fire from our amusement park days. Volunteers and homeowners place flares around the 5,800 acre lake to create the ring.

This year Ring of Fire will occur on Sunday, September 5th, 2021. 

Flares are lit at 9 pm and last for about a half an hour. Bring your family to enjoy this tradition at Indian Lake. 

LED Flares are available for $8 each at the following locations: 

Aries Pharmacy

Bud's Marine

Choice Properties

Community Market- Lakeview Location

Cranberry Resort

Framing by Fuller

Hurley Farms

Lakeview Hardware

Lakeside Pro Bass Shop

Spend-a-Day Marina

Winner's Northside Market

Please consider helping us to complete the ring in the sections of the lake that are open to the public by becoming a sponsor for Ring of Fire.

Gold Sponsor

Sponsor two dozen LED Flares for $240

Silver Sponsor

Sponsor a dozen LED Flares for $120

Please help us make this years Ring of Fire even better by donating for the fireworks show that will be held along side the Ring of Fire.

3" Shell

Sponsor a 3" Shell for the firework show for $25

5" Shell

Sponsor a 5" Shell for the firework show for $50

4" Shell

Sponsor a 4" Shell for the firework show for $35

6" Shell

Sponsor a 6" Shell for the firework show for $100

8" Shell

Sponsor a 8" Shell for the firework show for $200